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Thursday, 25 April 2019 22:46
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Albatros 850 ALU of sea aluminium.

     “Through Europe on the rivers, around by the sea or only the Sunday trip to Bornholm. The buoyancy yacht is designed for tourism, economic. Great prowess and stability, a unit for long voyages. A small dipping of 48 cm, a propeller, rudder and hull protected by the shallow keel enable sailing into very shallow lagoons and lakes and the unregulated rivers”.

                                                                                                                              J. Maderski

     A brave, stylish, comfortable, economical buoyancy yacht, on which you can traverse numerous inland waterways and sail, where the road goes only through the sea. Albatros 850 ALU is designed for long voyages. Its small dipping approx. 48cm, and the propeller, rudder and hull are protected by a small keel, what enables sailing to shallow lakes, lagoons and unregulated rivers. The strong hull of the Albatros is resistant to impact. Like the modern rescue units, Albatros 850 ALU with the closed companionway has a full range of positive stability. This means that the yacht cannot be stopped in the “mushroom” position. It immediately rises after overturning. The use of side fins – anti-tilting bilges improves the comfort of sailing suppressing the side rocking. Fins increase the manoeuvrability and stabilise the unit to the destination.

     The hull, walls and roof of Albatros 850 ALU are made of marine aluminium (no need for the yacht maintenance), insulated and powder painted. Glasses are made of polycarbonate with the increased resistance to scratching and resistant to wave impact.


The builder of Albatros 850 ALU, Janusz Maderski,

and our engineers have made every effort

for the Albatros to be a comfortable, safe yacht with high prowess and stability.


     The interior of Albatros 850 ALU is spacious, comfortable and functional. It has comfortable half-decks. It will be perfectly suited as a luxurious floating house for two people, as well as it will provide an excellent locale for a 6-person crew. The yacht is adapted to a one-person operation.


     Albatros 850 ALU:

  • high prowess and stability,
  • comfort and convenience (it has a high ceiling - 220cmfrom the floor),
  • comfortable half-decks,
  • it is equipped with capacious tanks for water, fuel, grey and black sewage,
  • it can be additionally equipped, what allows a wide range of options.


Equipment used for the construction of SM-26 CRUISER come from the most renowned companies in the industry (among others VETUS, TRUMA, WAECO, WEBASTO, MERCURY).


There is a possibility to introduce some changes in the equipment of the interior of SM-26 CRUISER on request of the ship-owner.