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Thursday, 25 April 2019 22:45
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Feel comfortable on water.

     It is a combination of a house on the water (houseboat) with the advantages of a motor yacht built on three hulls. The implementation of the residential part on three floats (hulls) provides high stability of the yacht and allows the use of low-power motors (lower cost and lower fuel consumption) for obtaining much greater speeds than in the units with a traditional hull. The whole structure of the yacht (submarine and marine part) is of marine aluminium (no need to maintenance the trimaran). The residential part is the structure based on the frames built of aluminium profiles and sheets The roof and exterior walls are made of powder-coated aluminium and insulated Windows were made of polycarbonate with increased resistance to scratching

     Trimaran HTR-42 EXPLORATOR is a synonym of solidarity, but not only. Our engineers have done their best for the HTR-42 to be COMFORTABLE and SAFE for its users. The whole unit has high railings (85 cm) designed to establish the safety net for children and animals from falling The entire residential part is on one level, HTR 42 does not have companionways connecting particular rooms, what is an essential element generally used in a single-hull motor yachts, This gives an additional comfort, especially during long trips and allows for greater freedom and independence of the disabled people, facilitates the care of young children.

     ECOLOGY and ECONOMY are words, which meaning during the formation of the trimaran HTR-42 EXPLORATOR  played  an  extremely important  role.  Ecological  solutions,  that  is  the  use  of  appropriate materials (aluminium, wood, stainless steel polycarbonate) foster the human environment, what is important during long tourist cruises. The use of the so-called marine aluminium in the construction of HTR-42 (hulls deck, residential part) prolongs the time of use of the unit for long years This decreases the maintenance treatments to the minimum limiting them essentially to taking care of wooden elements This reduces the costs of maintaining the yacht and does not require involvement of the specialised companies


- has 33 independent displacement chambers

- is a multi-huller (three hulls)

- was equipped with two outboard engines (20 - 40 KM)

- shows very good resistance to side wind,

- thanks to its design it allows sailing to the sandy beach and an easy descent to the shore

- is characterised by a low immersion (up to 60cm) with a full load,

- exhibits high stability (much higher than in two-hullers)

- the bow part residential part and stern are on one level,

- a large area of the roof allows to mount photovoltaic panels (optional),

- control can be done by turning the engines and by changing the number of rotation of the drive screws,

- it has a high ceiling (210 cm from the floor) wide passages and a comfortable bathroom,

- it is equipped with capacious water, fuel, gray and black sewage containers

- it has an in-built special ventilation system designed by our engineers,

- it can be additionally equipped, what is enabled by a wide range of options

The Yacht can be equipped with petrol outboard engines or with electric motors.

     All devices adjusted to the construction of the trimaran HTR 42 EXPLORATOR

come from the most reputable companies in the industry


     The industrial design of the trimaran HTR-42 EXPOLRATOR is proprietary.