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Thursday, 25 April 2019 22:46
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Feel the sun.


SUDNIK GROUP designed a new, exceptional houseboat type unit

which constitutes a convenient and elegant unit. 

     Our engineers were looking for a concept which would make it possible to create a houseboat type motorboat that is special thanks to its shape and use of environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, our yacht should offer all possible advantages of leading tourist units of similar size and combine them with exceptional comfort of travelling. A particularly crucial task was to place all of the rooms of the yacht at one level.

     We decided to build a unit based on three aluminium hulls (trimaran), each hull comprising of independent 1 m long air chambers. In order to obtain the best course capabilities and manoeuvrability of the yacht, two separate engines were applied synchronised with additional rotary helm, as well as specially designed and positioned skegs. In addition to the above, the trimaran is equipped in a jet helm in the middle hull.

While designing HTR SUNO we were motivated by the following criteria:

- steering position in the front part of the yacht (inside or outside) with perfect visibility and steering the yacht with a joystick or a mobile remote electric steering system such as RECON,

- full standing height in the entire residential part (220 cm),

- large, open living room with a kitchenette,

- 2-4 beds,

- comfortable bathroom with a shower a separate toilet (as an option),

- terrace in the bow part and in the stern part of the yacht with a comfortable sofa and stairs to a sun terrace located on a part of the yacht’s roof,

- large windows providing exceptional views,

- the surface of the roof to be used apart from the sun terrace, e.g. for solar panels.

After all of the above criteria were met, we created trimaran HTR SUNO with unique form and appearance.

In this way the new type of boat, combining the advantages of the houseboat and a motorboat, was worked out.

1. The yachts body constructed of three hulls. The length of single hulls is 10 m. Each hull has 10 independent air chambers. The middle hull of the ship positioned forward in relation to others. The trimaran’s dimensions are the following: length 10 m, width: 4 m. The trimaran’s roof as well as the hulls are made of aluminium AlMg 4.5. Here our engineers put special emphasis on the processing of aluminium. All welds are made with particular precision, thanks to which Trimaran HTR SUNO is a particularly durable ship.

 2. Trimaran HTR SUNO may have different types of drive fitted in. Houseboat will work perfectly with outboard gas engines up to 2 x 30 H.P., as well as with electrical engines 2 x 5,5 kW. with solar panels, Li-Ion batteries and a generator. Our consultants will help you make the right choice, depending on your expectations. The rear part of the yacht, when equipped with outboard engines, includes two gas tanks (the capacity set with the shipowner).

 3. Inside the hulls there are tanks for grey water and faeces with the total capacity of 400 l. Moreover, the unit has 2 drinking water tanks with total capacity of 300 l. The tanks for faeces are equipped in scent filter/ The capacity of the tanks can be increased. HTR SUNO may be equipped in waste water treatment devices or reverse osmosis filters with a digestion system for obtaining water from the water environment in which the unit is located.

4. For the distribution of fresh water, pressure installation was included. The yacht is provided with hot water by a boiler with electric immersion heater. Optionally the water can additionally be heater by a WEBASTO heater.

 5. In the bathroom there are: a comfortable shower, a marine-type battery with a macerator pump, a convenient wash basin and bathroom cabinets.

 6. The HTR SUNO living room may include a kitchenette with equipment (gas heater, sink, fridge and others).

 7. The trimaran includes 2-4 beds. 1 double bed and a foldable sofa in the living room. Furniture of choice.

 8. External walls are layered with composite materials, wood or aluminium. Internal walls are made of wood or sintered ceramic obtained from natural materials.

The entire range of additional equipment (options) makes it possible to create

an exceptionally comfortable motor yacht

which allows for luxurious sailing all around Europe for many weeks.


A sample plan for interior installation

All devices adjusted to the construction of the trimaran HTR SUNO

come from the most reputable companies in the industry



     The industrial design of the trimaran HTR SUNO is proprietary.