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Thursday, 25 April 2019 22:47
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SM-35 CRUISER Lux - luxury holidays even in shallow water...!

     A comfortable, economical, aluminium buoyancy yacht, with which you can traverse numerous inland waterways. SM-35 CRUISER Lux is designed for long voyages for the 8-person crew. Its small dipping up to 0,30 m allows the unit to swim on shallow lakes, and unregulated rivers. The small dipping will also allow sailing in the period of low waters.

     The wide flat-bottomed hull with high sides provides a stable and dry voyage on the rivers and lakes. Two skegs provide good directional stability and ease of operation. It is possible to incorporate two rotary blades to reduce the drift during lateral strong gusts of wind.

     A strong hull SM-35 CRUISER Lux is very much resistant to impact. The hull, walls and roof of the yacht are made of marine aluminium (no need for maintenance), insulated and partially powder painted. Glass is made of polycarbonate with the increased resistance to scratches and high resistance to mechanical damage.

     Inside there are six comfortable, two-metre berths (including two doubles), galley, toilet compartment, shower, a large table in the cabin, steering position inside the yacht and numerous cupboards and wardrobes.

     Two outboard engines have been used for the yacht drive with low power MERCURY F 9,9 ELPT BF with reinforced gear and with towing screws. The system of two engines allows for the excellent increase of the directional stability of the unit and good management while operating the yacht in unfavourable wind conditions.

     Sailing the yacht does not require permissions.



  • a very small dipping up to 0.30 m,
  • high directional stability – the use of skegs,
  • comfort and convenience (it has a high ceiling - 210cm from the floor),
  • equipped with capacious tanks for water, fuel, gray and black sewage,
  • it can be additionally equipped what is allowed by a wide range of options.

The Yacht can be equipped with petrol outboard engines or with electric motors.

Equipment used for the construction of SM-35 CRUISER Lux come from the most renowned companies in the industry (among others VETUS, TRUMA, WAECO, WEBASTO, MERCURY).


There is a possibility to introduce some changes in the equipment of the interior of SM-35 CRUISR Lux on request of the ship-owner.


The industrial design of the SM-35 CRUISER Lux is proprietary.



SM-35 Cruiser Lux


Interior plan