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Thursday, 25 April 2019 22:45
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WTR-79 WaterBus Alu.




WTR-79 WaterBus Alu is a ship designed for the professional passenger transport,

organising business meetings, family celebrations, receptions, trips,

as well as for making the stay of the guests in hotels, guesthouses, etc. more attractive.

The unit is designed to carry 60 passengers and crew members.

    WTR-79 WaterBus Alu is an aluminium trimaran with the electric drive. WTR-79 is fully adapted for the disabled. In the spacious living room, with excellent visibility on the outside, there are tables with chairs, a well-equipped bar with the possibility to prepare meals, coffee machine, fridges, sink, dishwasher or the convection oven and a microwave. Toilets are on board of the unit. Toilet for the ladies and a room fulfilling the function of the toilet for men and the disabled. The wheelhouse of the person operating the unit has been separated and is independent. The side windows of WTR-79 slide horizontally, what allows the direct communing of the passengers with nature.

    WTR-79 WaterBus Alu is constructed of the marine aluminium AlMg 4,5. The plating of three hulls of the unit (the underwater part and sides) is the 10 and 8 mm aluminium sheet. Each hull on its own has got 22 independent buoyancy chambers, what gives a total of 66 buoyancy chambers for the whole ship. This hull design ensures a very high safety standard of the unit and its passengers.

    Execution of the water part designed for the passengers, and based on three floats (hulls) provides a high directional stability of the unit and allows the use of less powerful engines (lower operating cost) for obtaining much higher speeds than in units with one traditional hull. The construction of the underwater and water part of WTR-79 WaterBus Alu of the marine aluminium allows for the long-term use of the ship without maintenance. The part allocated for the passengers is in the form of the structure based on frames built of aluminium profiles. The roof and exterior walls are made of the aluminium sheet powder coated and insulated. Windows were made of polycarbonate with improved scratch resistance. The application of the appropriately spaced electrical outboard engines for the unit drive perfectly enhances the manoeuvrability. The mounted thruster further enhances the manoeuvrability of the trimaran.

Trimaran WTR-79 WaterBus Alu is a synonym of reliability and more.

Our engineers have made every effort for the ship to be comfortable and safe for its users.

    The entire passenger compartment is located on one level. WTR-79 WaterBus Alu does not have accesses connecting each room, what is an essential element generally used in single-hull motor yachts. This gives the extra comfort, especially during long voyages and allows for greater freedom and independence for people with disabilities, facilitates care of young children.

   ECOLOGY AND ECONOMICS are words, the meaning of which played an important role while creating the WTR-79 WaterBus Alu trimaran. Ecological solutions, that is using the electric drive and related materials during its construction (aluminium, wood, stainless steel, polycarbonate) promotes human environment, which is important during long tourist voyages. The use of the so-called marine aluminium in the construction of  WTR-79  (hulls, deck, sitting area) extends the life of the unit for many years. It also reduces to a minimum the maintenance operations limiting them essentially to taking care of wooden elements. This lowers the costs of maintaining the yacht and does not require involving the specialised companies for its maintenance.


All devices adjusted to the construction of the trimaran WTR-79 WaterBus Alu

come from the most reputable companies in the industry


The industrial design of the trimaran WTR-79 WaterBus Alu

and all variants of the WTR WaterBus Alu is proprietary.