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Thursday, 25 April 2019 22:48
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BASIC TECHNICAL DATA WTR-79 WaterBus Alu (version with the electric drive):

1/ total length of the ship : 23,9 m,

2/ overall width: 6.00 m,

3/ number of hulls: 3 (trimaran),

4/ height of standard railings: 0.9 m,

5/ total immersion (standard equipment) : up to 0.70 m,

6/ height above the waterline: about 3,60 m, 

7/ height in the cabin: 2.20 m,

8/ number of people: 60 passengers + up to 4 crew members,

9/ outboard electric engines of the company: TORQEEDO or AQUAWATT,

10/ power supply: batteries, photovoltaic panels,

11/ electro-hydraulic control,

12/ design category: C .

Type of the unit: bus / water tram.

A ship certified under construction.


On request we can install outboard petrol or disel engines.

Power of engines is to be determined by customer.


TRIMARAN WTR-79 WaterBus Alu:

- is a multi-hull and has got a total of 66 independent buoyancy chambers in three hulls,  

- is equipped with electric outboard engines with a total power: 80-100 KM, 

- shows a very good resistance to the side wind, 

- thanks to its design it allows for sailing to a sandy beach and easy descent to the shore, 

- is characterised by a low immersion,

- show a high stability (much higher than in double-hullers), 

- the bow, passenger and stern part are on one level, 

- a large area of the roof allows for the installation of photovoltaic panels, 

- control can take place through the turning of the engines with the synchronised rudder blade as well as the change

  of the number of rotations of their propellers and by using the thruster, 

- it has a high ceiling (220 cm from the floor), wide passages and comfortable toilet cabins, 

- it is equipped in the standard with capacious tanks for water (700l), grey and black waste (600l), 

- it has a built-in special ventilation system designed by our engineers, 

- it can be additionally equipped, what is allowed by a wide range of options.


Based on WTR-79 WaterBus Alu the shipyard SUDNIK MOROTYACHTS (department of yacht construction of the SUDNIK GROUP company) builds smaller units for transporting people with the following parameters:

1/ WTR-42 WaterBus Alu with dimensions: length of 12,95 m, width of 4,0 m for 12 to 30 passengers and crew members.

2/ WTR-66 WaterBus Alu with dimensions: length of 19,90 m, width of 4,8 m for 48 passengers and crew members.